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Posted on: June 3rd, 2015 by lawnboys17

Commercial Grass Cutting Service Near Me in Ferriday and Miss-Lou Area

We are a professional lawn service and maintenance company serving the Natchez, Vidalia, Ferriday, and the Lake St. John Areas. Commercial Grass Cutting Service Near Me Ferriday

Ferriday Commercial Grass Cutting Service Near Me include:

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance: Using some of the best equipment the industry has to offer, we will maintain you yard keeping it in pristine condition whether you want weekly or bi-weekly service. We service both residential and commercial lawns. Weedeating & Maintenance: Grass and weeds that cannot be reached by our mower, will be carefully edged with a commercial grade weedeater. Blowing Off Driveways & Walkways: We strive to not throw grass clippings on to your drive, however at the end of each cut and trimming, we inspect all hard surfaces to blow away any grass or weed clippings off your driveway and walkways.

Commercial Grass Cutting Service Near Me Prices in Ferriday

You can visit our Ferriday Lawn Service base pricing page here. We generally have a minimum fee of $50 for most residential lawns, however the prices may vary depending on the size, location, and obstacles in your lawn.

Ferriday Commercial Grass Cutting Service Near Me Program

During Ferriday grass growing season, your grass will be mowed and maintained weekly on a scheduled day. Depending on our schedule we try to allow you to choose which day of the week you’d like service, and we strive to arrive like clockwork. However, this is not always possible due to conditions beyond our control such as bad weather. All lawns will be checked for debris before mowing and we always take care to avoid valuable lawn enhancements. We will never leave a job site without your driveways and walkways being blown to remove any grass and weed clips back into the grassy areas. Typically, if we have a rain delay, we like to give 24-48 hours for the property to dry out so as not to damage the lawn. We will not under any circumstance mow over wet saturated ground for 2 reasons to ensure the lawn is not damaged. All walkways, fence lines, and bordered areas not accessible to mowers will be trimmed weekly for a well groomed appearance. Rain Days – If the weather here in Ferriday prohibits us from mowing on the scheduled day, we will reschedule your mowing as soon as possible. The Lawn Boy 5 Parsons Road Suite A Natchez, MS 39120